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Our mission is to promote New Yorkers’ quality of life through the use of therapeutic massage.  As licensed and experienced massage therapists, we emphasize the healing effects of massage for managing stress as well as its uses in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

It has been shown that New Yorkers are up to 20% more likely to experience health complications and injuries due to stress than residents of the other 49 states (“The Ecology of Stress”, New York Magazine, January 24-31, 2005).  At StressLess NYC, we aim to stack the cards of wellness in your favor by using massage techniques that reduce and manage stress, inflammation and pain while promoting the immune system, circulation, and digestion.

It is neither possible nor desirable, to reduce a person’s stress to 0%.  But we can help you to Stress Less…and when you StressLess, you’re able to Enjoy More!

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